4th Grade Parent Letter

Dear Parents,


What was colonial life like?  How did it feel to be a colonist under British rule?  What were the specific causes of dissention between the British and the colonists?  If most people wanted peace, what caused the tense atmosphere to continue brewing throughout the colonies?


Your child will find out the answers to all these questions and more as we enter in to our final unit of the year, Independence: The American Revolution!  This unit focuses on the TAG Strand of Higher Order and Critical Thinking which includes the following TAG objectives: 


Developing individual questions to discover new knowledge,

Practicing critical reading, writing and discussion skills,

Applying new knowledge to make inferences and draw conclusions,

Using deductive and inductive reasoning,

Developing criteria to make a decision,

Providing evidence for reasoning in making decisions,

Considering cause and effect in reasoning and defending decisions.


We will not only study the American Revolution, but we’ll critically analyze the choices made by the colonists and put ourselves in their buckled shoes!  We’ll find out what we might have done if placed in the same situations.  Your child will apply much of the knowledge learned in the regular classroom during this unit, and we encourage you to discuss this application with him or her.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and understanding with you at the end of our unit during our Living Timeline presentation!


This unit will be fun for all as we stretch our brains and experience the beginnings of our country!



Marilyn Lorick (Lorick@fultonschools.org)

Lindsay Walls (wallsl@fulton.k12.ga.us)

Jenny Hamilton (Hamiltonj2@fultonschools.org)


Fall 2010

I want YOU to use higher order and critical thinking skills!